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Four New Characters Are Reportedly Joining ‘Stranger Things 4’!

As production almost starts!




Stranger Things fans have a lot to look forward too, because looks like they will be 4 new sunrises in store when the show officially returns.

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According to TVLine, the show will be adding four new characters that will certainly shake things up!

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“The Duffer Brothers are looking to cast four new male recurring roles, three of which are teenagers and one of which is an adult. The adolescent trio range from a metalhead to an entitled jock to a character that sounds an awful lot like the twin of Fast Times at Ridgemont High stoner Jeff Spicoli,” sources told TVLine. “The older guy, meanwhile, possesses characteristics that suggest that he will figure prominently in a certain storyline set far, far away from Hawkins.”

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There’s a good chance that the fourth character might have something to do with either El and the Byers’ new hometown or the American that is currently in Russia.

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TVLine also reported that the show is set to start production in January 2020 and will go all the way until August. They also stated that the season will have eight episodes, just like season three.

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