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Fuel Saving Tips That You Need To Know

Petrol prices for RON95 and RON 97 will increase to 4 cents starting midnight! (That’s alot!)


RON95 will be priced at RM2.20 per litre while RON97 at RM2.48 per litre for 7th September to 13th September.

Meanwhile, diesel will see an increase of 1 cents to RM2.05 per litre.


With the petrol prices up, your cash goes down… How exactly are you going to save? Well, here’s 5 fuel saving tips every smart and responsible driver should know.

1. Stick to the speed limit


It’s a simple rule; the higher the speed, the more fuel your engine consumes! Enjoy the ride and relax!

2. Clean Your Car


No, don’t get rid of your pets! But yes, do get rid of unnecessary items in your car. Especially items that are heavy! Like bags, boxes, etc …

More weight baggage = More fuel consumption.

3. Maintain Your Engine in Good Condition


Regularly clean the air filters which could block the path of air to the engine – this will help to reduce the mileage and performance of your vehicle. Do also check the lubricants, hand brakes and also the clutch!

4. Check Your Tyre Pressure


Constantly check your tyre pressure. Tyres with lower pressure will have more rolling resistance, which results in increased fuel consumption.

5. Accelerate with Moderation


If you’re the kind of person who accelerates speedily and often – then it’s no wonder why you’re car is always out of fuel. Drive at a moderate speed and try not to ‘sudden’ brake (you know what I mean).

Good luck with trying out these fuel saving tips!

Source: kpdnkk. telegraphpetrobazaar

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