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Garbage Collector Receives Full Scholarship To University Of Melbourne

today18 June 2019


Image from Cambodian Children's Fund

Rags to riches stories are sometimes to good to be true, but for the succcess stroy of CambodianΒ Sophy Ron is one worth talking about!

If anyone can inspire us, it’s Sophy Ron, whose journey began at the Phnom Penh garbage dump in Cambodia as an 11-year-old child worker , and now has hit the first high of many by becoming a valedictorian at Trinity College and securing a full scholarship to the University of Melbourne.

Image from Cambodian Children's Fund

According toΒ Cambodian Children’s Fund,Β Sophy had never been to schoolbut had instead spent seven days a week “knee-deep picking through noxious trash on the dump to earn money for her parents”.

She grew up less fortunate than alot of today eating only disposed food that she had to scavage for among the trash at her then workplace. Fortunately,Β Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF), a nonprofit committed to transforming the country’s “most impoverished kids into tomorrow’s leaders”, rescued Sophy Ron as a child.

A month ago Sophy was one of the first CCF students to receive a full scholarship to begin her undergraduate degree at The University of Melbourne.

It was an exceptional feat considering that she only began studying at 11 years old.Β Sophy was even chosen as valedictorian to deliver the closing speech at her foundation year graduation. If that does not say dedication and pure grit, i dont know what does.

Image from Cambodian Children's Fund

A true inspiration indeed, Great job Sophy!

Written by: Varesha

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