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After auditioning more than 2000 actors and actresses, the decision has been made.

Meet Mena Massoud who just landed the role of Aladdin…

Here’s a little something for you to get to know the on-screen ‘street rat’…

Where will you see him?

Just escaped the asylum. Always awesome being on set. Till next week #actor #toronto #happyfriday #blessed

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He may not be a familiar face to you as yet but soon you will. He is set to appear as Tarek Kassar in the new series Jack Ryan. In 2011, Massoud appeared in season 1 of Nikita.

Where is he from?

The actor was born in Egypt but raised in Canada.

Who inspired him?

The new role in Aladdin couldn’t be more significant for the actor. He was inspired to pursue acting because of the late actor Robin Williams (who was the voice of Genie in the cartoon version of Aladdin).

Healthy eater!

Massoud is a health conscious actor who often tags photos with #vegan or #meatlessmanifesto

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