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Girl Dies After Theme Park’s 360-Degree Swing Ride Breaks In Half Mid-Air

Screams of joy and happiness turned into cries of pain



A 19 year old has been tragically killed after the theme park ride that she was on broke apart mid-air before crashing down to the ground. The horrific tragedy was captured and the footage has since gone viral online.

As reported by Mirror, the theme park is located in Jizzakh, a city in Uzbekistan. Dozens of visitors on the ride were on the 360-degree swing when the metal pendulum arm broke in half.

The tragedy has taken one life but the local authorities have yet to specify how many of the visitors were injured.

This news came as a shock to the world because many of us enjoy the thrill of such rides in theme parks. We’d never expect something like this to happen! A nightmare come to life!

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