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“Glee” Co-Stars Speak Out On Lea Michele’s Cruel And Aggressive Behaviour On Set





Lea Michele is getting heat for her claimed bad behaviour among her Glee and other co-stars

The star who played Rachel Berry, on the hit show, has been accused of making her former co-star Samantha Marie Ware’s “first television gig a living hell”.

To back track a bit of what happened- On Saturday (May 29), the star took to social media and tweeted her support for the Black Lives Matter movement. A few days later (June 1), Ware responded to the tweet, shared shocking revelation as to how she was mistreated by the Michele during their time on set.

Here’s what Ware tweeted

But that wasn’t the last of it. After Ware spoke out, other co-stars and Glee alums also came out and shared their experience working with her and her alleged behaviour.

“Did somebody say cockroaches?” Jeanté Godlock responded to the tweet. “Because that’s what she used to refer to the background as on the set of Glee. But we grow up and we don’t stay background forever sooooo…”

Amber Riley, who played Mercedes Jones on the show also tweeted back three GIFs that seemed to show her solidarity and agreement.

Michele’s The Mayor costar Yvette Nicole Brown, was seen replying to Ware’s original tweet, “I felt every one of those capital letters.”

Dabier Snell, who guest-starred on the popular show in an episode in 2014, also claimed the star refused to let her “sit at the table with the other cast members”  because she “‘didn’t belong there.'”

Other co-stars including Scream Queens, Abigail Breslin, was seen agreeing to the claim and even favourited two tweets concerning the accusations, while Keke Palmer is no longer following the star on Instagram.

The 33 year-old and soon-to-be mom, has taken to Instagram to speak out, and claims that said she does not remember making the alleged statement to Ware.

Here’s her response towards the accusation

Michele has since been released from her HelloFresh sponsorship deal, after Ware’s post.

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