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Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast To Make Appearance On “Thor: Love And Thunder”

“We are Groot!”




Marvel Studios

Now here’s something to look forward to.

The Guardians of the Galaxy heroes could be reuniting and making a feature comeback on Marvel’s forthcoming film Thor: Love and Thunder.

The news was accidentally revealed by actor Vin Diesel, who plays the voice of Groot.

During an interview to promote his upcoming action movie Bloodshot the actor shared, “I am waiting and excited for my friend James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy director) to knock this next one out of the park,” he said.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“He took The Suicide Squad so he’s about to embark on it.” The actor continued.


“Thor will also, the director talked to me about Thor will incorporate some of the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Realizing he had slipped too much information the actor quickly added “That’ll be very interesting, nobody knows, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Marvel Studios

Though fans had already hinted of the possibility – following the conclusion to last year’s Avengers: Endgame – this is the first time there has been a confirmation from someone involved in the production.

However no further details have been revealed and plot details of the film are being kept mum, for now. We’ll just have to wait ‘til the next person slips and tells us more deets!

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