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today31 October 2018


Flybot is so excited for Halloween! He got the carved pumpkins, scary decorations and candies ready for this. Unfortunately, no one shows up for trick-or-treating and he is so disappointed that his hard work is wasted. Suddenly there’s knocking at the door! Who could it be?Β Catch the latest episode of Flybot’s digital comic to find out. Flybot’s digital comic drops every Wednesday at 8PM on Fly FM’s Facebook and Instagram @flyfm958.

Written by: Fly FM

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The youngest, freshest Khalid – here in KL!

Ever wonder how the 20 year old Khalid has reach his fame? Because his emo-soul and R&B tracks just resonates with the people like him who’s dealing with confusions, heartbreaks and relationship. Khalid is no exception in creating the phenomenon of the forward-thinking youths.

today31 October 2018