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Have You Been Having More Dreams During MCO?

Here’s why…



RD says, apparently, there’s a lot of people around the world that have been having weird dreams!

Are you one of them?

RD and Guibo admits they’ve been having very vivid dreams lately especially since the MCO. Today’s (5 May) topic, Fly’s AM Mayhem discuss “Have you been having more dreams during MCO?”

Relating to an article they read from SAYS, it is said that “During this pandemic, studies from China and the UK show many people are reporting a heightened state of anxiety and are having shorter or more disturbed sleep.”

“Every single hour I wake up I go back to sleep… and every single time I’ll have a lucid vivid dream”- Guibo

RD says there could be three reasons for the cause of having these unusual dreams

1) Lack of sleep

2) Lack of exercise and physical activity

3) High stress levels

Fly’s Rakyat also shared some of their weird dream experience

“I’ve been dreaming alot about my exes and the thing is, all my exes turned out to be monsters at the end of the dream”- Kimi

“During this whole period of MCO/ PKP I’ve actually dreamt that I went to work…that I literally went on a train, went to work, said hi to my colleagues and even hugged them! And even in my head, I was like, this is not social distancing? That was the weirdest most vivid dream I’ve ever had during this whole quarantine thing…”-Cheryl


What are some of the weird dreams you’ve been having lately?

Listen to more of the conversations here

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