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Henry Golding Plays Mysterious Charmer In New International Trailer “Last Christmas”

today13 September 2019

Via iMDb

Universal has dropped the international trailer for this years, year-end rom- com “Last Christmas”, directed by Paul Feig.

The film stars Emilia Clarke as Kate, Henry Golding as Tom, Emma Thompson as Kates mother Adelia, and Michelle Yeoh who plays Tom’s mother.

Via Universal

The Last Christmas, inspired by George Michael’s song “Last Christmas”, is a story is about a young British woman struggling to get her life back on-track since facing a near death experience a year earlier. Then, Tom (Henry Golding) a seemingly-perfect, gentlemen comes into her life, and begins to break down Kate’s barriers. Her life takes a turn.

Via iMDb

However, there have been speculations from the “Last Christmas” that Tom (Henry) might not be what he appears.

Among the current popular theories, some are speculating that Henry is either a guardian angel, the deceased or estranged son of Kate’s boss (Michelle Yeoh).

Via Universal

Another theory believes that Tom could possibly be the ghost of Kate’s heart donor- tying back to the lyrics of the song “Last Christmas” .

However, the new trailer is not spilling the beans just yet, so that means we’ll have to watch and see!

Watch the official international trailer of “Last Christmas” below.

Written by: Elyda

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