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Here’s 8 Popular American TV Shows That Are Originally From The UK

Who knew!




We’ve watched and followed these American TV shows over the years but little do we know, they’re actually adapted from the United Kingdom!

Here’s 10 of the popular shows that were originally from the UK before becoming popularized in the United States.

1. House of Cards

House Of Cards. Hype MY/BBC

The show hails from the UK. which aired in 1990 on BBC. The original version came in a miniseries based on a novel by a former political insider, Michael Dobbs.

2. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Via The Sun/ The Independent

The first Who Wants To Be a Millionaire UK was aired ITV in 1998 with presenter Christ Tarrant. The show was quickly popularized and later brought to the US the following year on ABC.

3. American Idol

American Idol. Hollywood Reporter/Britannica

The Show was Originally known as Pop Idol  in the UK, it was later brought to the US and later changed to American Idol- with Simon Cowell remaining as the judge.

4. The Office

The Office. Via Den Of Geek/ Hollywood Reporter

The popular show did not come from the US. Originally a British series which included 12 episodes, it didn’t get as much attention until it was remade into and American version.


5. Undercover Boss

Undercover Boss. Via Netflix/ Estudios Backstage

Undercover Boss aired in the UK in 2009. One year after, the US came out with their own version.

6. Dancing with the Stars

Dancing With The Stars.Via Heart Radio/ US Weekly

The beloved dance show was adapted from the UK version Strictly Come Dancing, which aired in 2004.

7. Veep

Veep. Via Amazon/Man’s World India

You would think Veep was originally from the United States,  but the show is actually an adaptation from  The Thick of It, a TV show from the UK  that pokes fun of the inner workings of government.

8. Cash Cab

Cash Cab. YouTube/Optimuscbd

The UK version was filmed in various locations around the UK, the American version focused mainly in New York City.

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