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Here’s How Malaysians Can Do Their Bit For Wildlife Affected By The Fires In Australia

By Says – Yap Wan Xiang



Image: BushfiresNBC News

In Australia, the bushfires have killed about a billion animals so far

According to an estimation by a scientist, more than 800 million animals were killed in New South Wales alone.

NBC News reported University of Sydney professor of ecology Chris Dickman saying that he is revising his estimate of 480 million animals affected by the fires, as the number of animals affected across Australia likely exceeds a billion.

Image from VoxVox

Speaking to Vox, Dickman said the estimation was derived based on the size of land burned by the wildfires, which is about 15.6 million acres – about the size of the entire state of Sabah.

Other than being burned to death, animals are dying because of indirect causes, such as starvation, loss of habitat, dehydration, and injuries.

Image from Reuters via Pamper Reuters via Pamper

Following the news about the massive number of wildlife affected in Australia, a Malaysian Twitter user initiated a plan to get local veterinarians to fly there to help.

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