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Here’s How You Can Help The Frontliners! #TerkiniWithNandini

“Help people out from the comfort of your couch!”




The Movement Control Order (MCO) has kicked in to it’s third wave, however yet some Malysians are not doing our simple part in the fight against COVID-19. 

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s Am Mayhem and Nandini discuss on doing your part and helping the frontliners, by simply staying at home for one.

However, RD pointed out that in these times we can get selfish and forget those who truly need the help.

“There’s an orphanage that have young kids, some even refugees and are solely dependent on donations with no support from the government. And the problem with that is now there’s no donations coming in, these kids don’t have an education and might not even have a home.

I think whats also important is that, if you have money, its only right that we all help each other with small donations which can go a long way for theses kids. If you just look you will find so many looking for help. But don’t fall for scams, make sure to verify our sources!” -RD

There are simply many ways we can show gratitude and commission during these hard times, by donating or by simply just staying at home! Help people out from the comfort of your couch!

Watch the conversation down here:


In conclusion, its no doubt that this pandemic is a hard and stressfull time for us all, the least we can do is to contribute and ease the burden of the frontliners is #stayathome but if you have funds to spare please don’t forget the needy #kitajagakita.


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