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Here’s What You Should Do If There’s A Gas Leak

Not sure what you should do when there’s a gas leak in your kitchen?

Well let our  ‘Abang Bomba sadoooo’ educate you on how to stop a fire burning from a gas leak!

Jika berlaku kebakaran kebocoran gas memasak anda di rumah jangan panik….cuba cara ini..😊Tlg Share kpd yg lain..Kredit : InfoPanas

Posted by PenMerah [dot] com on Wednesday, 3 January 2018

In a post shared by PenMerah [dot] com, it shows the firefighters demonstrating what you can do if your gas pipe is on fire from a gas leak.

The first video shows that you can extinguish a fire by using a damp cloth and carefully placing it over the flame. Take note: Be sure to keep your face away from burning fire!

But what amazed us was the second video, in which the firefighter showed another ‘magic’ way to stop the flame; By pressing your thumb hard over the pipe hole!!! It seems dangerously scary to put your thumb over a burning flame, though, the volunteer did manage to put out the flame instantly!

Kids don’t ever try this alright.

If the flame still persists, be sure to call 999 for emergency.

Source: PenMerah [dot] com

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