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Here’s What We Know (So Far) About Miley Cyrus’ New Album

Everything we know about her seventh album called ‘’she is Miley Cyrus’’




Calling all Miley Cyrus fans! You’re in for good. Last year, Miley blessed our ears with the release of her EP, She Is Coming—up to this year, Miley’s been keeping us fed by dropping her newest single, “Midnight Sky,” giving equal parts hilarious and savage interviews about her love life, and most importantly, supplying fans with intel about her upcoming seventh studio album, She Is Miley Cyrus

But overall, here’s what we know—um, so far—about Miley’s upcoming album. So, enjoy. 


Back in March, Miley did an interview with DJ Smallzy and revealed fans should expect “Joan Jett vibes,” meaning we’re in for some pure rock n’ roll on this record. Miley also elaborated and said,“if 2019 was for the [heart]break, 2020 is for the [heart]breakers.” Also hint hint, see picture below: 

During her appearance on The Zach Sang Show this past August, Miley explained that taking a rock direction for She Is Miley Cyrus wasn’t the original plan. She said, I should just kind of keep trying going with pop and go with what I know, but that’s not who I am, so again, I just went and started making a rock record.’’


Miley and Dua Lipa might have something in the works together. Dua and Miley posted a photo of themselves together at watt’s studio, leading fans to speculate that they’re working on a song together.

Miley might also have a collaboration with rock n’ roll legend Billy Idol since they’re already friendly because they performed his song “Rebel Yell” together at the iHeartRadio Music Festival back in 2016.


Miley originally wanted to release the record through an elaborate three EP rollout plan, but she ultimately decided to shelf the idea. Once COVID-19 came around, Miley said it “didn’t make sense” for her to continue with the following two projects.

“I think all of us can agree that this year has been extremely unexpected and something that none of us could have planned or probably would have planned, but in a way, kind of the way that this song came about was, again, I guess I was feeling like it didn’t make sense for me to continue the next two projects,” she explained in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music.

She is Coming was a one of three EP drop, and I felt like, for my life, the way it evolves, how quickly it changes, how quickly I change, how public my experiences are, it doesn’t make sense for me to try to wrap up that big of a body of time in just a few songs and also even in a record, because I really have always enjoyed dropping singles, rather than the full body of work, because it allows you to talk to your fans in real time,” Miley added.

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