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Here’s Why Eleven May Be “Stranger Things” Season 4’s Villain

This theory belongs in the upside down world!



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It may already be more than a month since Stranger Things 3 premiered and the world binge-watched it that first night, but the theories of what might happen next season keep coming in.

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The final scene of season 3 may have been really insane, but brace yourselves because this Stranger Things 4 theory might blow your mind. A Reddit user is theorizing that season 4’s villain might be someone inside the squad: El herself. The theory might seem far-fetched but the fan really made some valid points!

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In order to understand why El might become season 4’s villain, we have to go back to that scene in the mall when the Mind Flayer grabbed El by her ankle, but the kids stopped it from taking her. But then part of the Mind Flayer’s flesh stayed in El’s leg, so Mike had to pull it out, causing her to scream in pain.

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Well it’s very possible that when El got “bit” by the Mind Flayer, she then became infected. Like it did Billy and Will when they got infected themselves.

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The Reddit user pointed out the hint of a shadow at the end of season 3 also alludes to the fact that the gate to the Upside-Down may not be completely shut. The shadow appears at the end of season 3 while Hopper is reading the letter aloud.

Who will be hero now?!

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