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How Can Malaysians Stay Healthy After MCO? #TerkiniWithNandini

“Take into consideration that not everyone has the capacity or the financial stability.”




The Movement Control Order (MCO) has left some of us in a lazy slum resulting in many of them being worried over their psychical and mental health. So the question remains how do you stay healthy after MCO?

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss how do you continue a healthy habit after the MCO is lifted?

Nandini and Fly’s AM Mayhem debate that it will be a tough time for many individuals especially those who are struggling and don’t have the financial capacity to keep up a healthy lifestyle even after the MCO is lifted as because the fight against COVID-19 has left many families especially the poor and the B40 community barely scrapping by!

” So you know how our Health Ministry has been doing a great job right, everyone idol worshiping him which is a bit dangerous and weird but at the same time I’ve been reading stuff from them, a week ago they said they wanted suggestions from people on how Malaysians can stay healthy after MCO ends. So people were commenting on the post on social media and I just felt like some of the suggestions were just so idealistic and it felt like people weren’t thinking about the poor or the B40 community.

A lot of the comments I saw was eat healthy, online workouts, wash your hands and elakkan stress, so I hate it when people elakkan stress because there’s always one thing or another that’s stressing people out right especially at a time like this. Do not tell me I cannot be stress, I will be stress!” – Nandini 

“How do you elakkan stress it will always be there!” – Hafiz 

Eating healthy isn’t exactly the cheapest option hence why many financially unstable people do not opt for that lifestyle, because it is a luxury for them. Reality is thousands upon thousands of people in Malaysia alone can’t afford that luxury, hence why  pressure from others shouldn’t be forced upon them.

” It’s idealistic because can you imagine people with only 100 or 200 ringgit in their bank account and has left their jobs will just be like okay I just calm down and don’t have to worry. I will just workout and meal prep with money I don’t have. The fact that they asked that question is not wrong but it just felt that everyone was so out of touch with reality and do not understand what this means to millions of people in the long run.” – Nandini

But with that being said maybe there is tiny tiny steps that can be taken to have a healthy habit without actually breaking the bank.

” So how can we help Malaysians kinda stick to whatever healthy diet that they’re kinda doing right now, I think a really good idea we can actually try is to cook more at home. I think with MCO many people have started cooking a lot more at home and after MCO they should continue that habit.” – RD 

At this testing time, it’s easy to only think of yourself and fend for your rights, but we cant forget that there are many other Malaysians who just simply cant afford the healthy lifestyle. We should be more proactive in caring for the welfare of those you don’t have that luxury.

” I just feel like it’s easier said than done, the fist and foremost is that humans struggle to eat healthy and be healthy and do all the right things even when the conditions are perfect. Even when the world is like Yes!!! cheering you on and you have the money, but people still think its so tough. Cause i think its like very natural human behavior, especially at a time like this. I think that it sound even more unrealistic to expect people to stick to a stricter or better lifestyle choices. Cause people are just worried all the time. 

The government should focus a bit more on ensuring that the economy doesn’t completely fall apart once this is all over as suppose to kind of just making it seem like oh it all comes down to eating healthy or just washing your hands. 

Take into consideration that not everyone has the capacity or the financial stability.” – Nandini

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With the #MCO being lifted? Y’all ever wonder what is the new normal?🤔 #FlyAMMayhem #TerkiniWithNandini

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In conclusion this should be the time that we think about the people outside our little bubble! Also the future may seem daunting as we don’t know how long this pandemic might last but do believe that we will fight this battle together #KitaJagaKita.


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