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How Can We Help Friends Who Lost Their Jobs During MCO? #TerkiniWithNandini

Do your part and help as much as you can!




The Movement Control Order (MCO) has left many individuals and families loosing their jobs, resulting in many of having to resort pawning their valuable items to survive. So how can you do your part to help a friend out during this tough time?

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss how can we help our friends stay a float after loosing their jobs during the MCO.

Nandini and Fly’s AM Mayhem are saddened that many have become desperate just to put food on the table by heading to the pawn shops to get some sort of money to survive this difficult pandemic that has hit the economy really hard.

“I’m sure you guys saw the really sad post on Monday when the day CMCO came in to effect in a lot of the states about people lining up at the pawn shops. It also got me thinking about that its really said that it was the first place a lot of people decided to go to the moment the restrictions were loosen a little bit and that is also indicative that people may have lost their either the whole monthly income or some of it that why they have to go and gadai  things.  Some of my friends have also lost their jobs.

What can we do right? I don’t run a company, I cant employ people but at the same time i was thinking there are some things that we can do within our capacity. So i think giving cash aids is useful and its very timely. We can also all offer to teach a skill that we’re good at for free! Or help them spruce up their resumes.” – Nandini

“What we can do as a friend, maybe you and your other friends create a pool of money so it can help this friend until they can get back on their feet if they don’t have a job just yet and maybe a new skill doesn’t hurt, especially if you’re coming from Sales background but you gotta go into Marketing, learning a new skill will always definitely aid you in your new job.” – Hafiz

If you own small businesses do not fret RD is here to shed some light with some great pointers!

“A lot of my friends who own small businesses they are trying to learn new things that they can do apart from trying to make their current business stay afloat. I saw something really interesting now on Instagram entrepreneurs and counselors are providing free classes online to help business owners and to help people with anxiety cause they understand that people with small businesses their entire live savings is based on that and it puts a lot of anxiety, confusion, disarray into your life.

A lot of my business friends as well have started to go to the Harvard Business review website because since the COVID-19 outbreak they provide you with up to date material on how to to keep your business afloat but because of this COVID-19 outbreak they decided to make that entire subscription for free, they want to make sure that everyone knows how to survive.” -RD

What about families? Friends who have really young kids?

“My friends who have kids its really tough on them because now they cant really afford extra help for where both the mom and dad are working parents right. But now they’ve got pay cuts, so what I suggested to them is that I’m actually close to their kids , so I can take care of the kids if one of them has to work. Just offer yourself to babysit just to make their life’s easier, to lessen their burden, I’m free man!” – Guibo

Watch the conversation down below:


In conclusion, ask around and do your part to your capacity to help the people around you, as many are not doing so well during this difficult and testing time #KitaJagaKita.




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