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How Do You Know If You Are On A Date During MCO?

Love Tok Guru Hafiz, Guibo and RD gives you answers



Is talking on a video call with your crush for hours considered to be a date?

In today’s (28 April) topic, Hafiz, Guibo and RD are putting their brains together to help a friend, who’s looking for answers and isn’t sure if a video call with her crush meant that she was on an actual date?!

So, how does one know if they’re on a date, if it’s not a physical date?

Here’s a few tips from our Love Tok Guru Hafiz, Guibo and RD.

“For a date to happen, both parties must acknowledge that it is gonna be a date. You can’t just randomly call a friend, and talk for two hours and (go) like, OMG was that a date???”- Hafiz

“…Specify to each other, that we’re gonna video call each other at this (specific) time and we’re gonna have dinner and talk about life”- Guibo

“I would say…The bare minimum for a date, especially for MCO, if you’re gonna do a video conference call, within the first hour, you need a minimum of five compliments, okay?” – RD

“If this guy is not giving you compliments left, right and centre, you just go and click mute and turn off your mic and video”- RD

Hafiz and Guibo aren’t so sure RD’s advise is going to work…But the trio do agree on one thing

“You have to dress up! You gotta act as if you were actually out and about”- Guibo

In conclusion, Hafiz, Guibo and RD says both parties should acknowledge that they are on a date and re-enact as if they’re on an actual date. Put some effort into dressing up,  enjoy a meal together and let the sparks ‘Fly’!

It’s more fun to hear their conversation here on the podcast! Tune in to hear more of their advise.

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