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How Long Can You Go Without Changing And Washing Your Clothes?

Why Hafiz, why!




Hafiz says, he’s saving money by not showering daily.

Fly’s AM Mayhem discussed “What is the longest time you’ve gone not changing and washing clothes?”

RD, unsatisfied with the fact that Hafiz refuses to shower every day, asked him whats the longest he’s gone without showering.

The answer might surprise us all;

“I shower every fifth day…” -Hafiz

His reason for showering less?

“I’m saving my water bills, okay. And my electricity too!”

“…At least last time (before MCO), I shower 3 times a day because I’m out. When you go out you tend to sweat, you collect dust, dirt, whatever, right? And now at home…I don’t even sweat that much!” -Hafiz

Ummm…OKAY Hafiz…

Hafiz, also asked Guibo and RD “Whats the longest you’ve gone without changing your clothes?”

“My t-shirt baju tidur (pajama), I’ve gone four days (without washing)” – Guibo

And for everyday clothes, Guibo says he changes them every day!


“During MCO I’ll say two days and I’ll wash it, and since I don’t have a washing machine I have to handwash it every day.”- RD

“…So most of the time, I’m mostly naked at home lah!”

It seems in this case,  Hafiz is the only one among the trio who stinks the most during MCO!

But, many actually agree with Hafiz. Here’s Fly Rakyat’s response to “What is the longest time you’ve gone not changing and washing clothes?”

Tune in to the Fly’s AM Mayhem podcast here, to hear more of this topic!

Are you the kind to wash your clothes and shower everyday? Or the type to barely do your laundry once a month and shower once a week? Share us your thoughts!

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