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How To Deal With Arrogant People? #TerkiniWithNandini

“Talk to the hand, cause the face ain’t looking!”



We meet different kinds of people everyday and some you may like and some you may not like! Some are great individuals with a humble approach to life, and there are some who are simply arrogant. So, the question remains how to deal with arrogant people?

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss how to deal with arrogant people?

Nandini and Fly’s AM Mayhem have come to the consensus that there is only one way to dealing with arrogant people, and it’s to just walk away!

“Once it was a spelling of a word, a few of my friends we were like no honey listen, this is the correct spelling! And this person refuse to listen and literally we showed this person a bunch of like pronunciation videos on YouTube. Ahh it makes me so mad, and this person still refuse to accept it. So the arrogance and the self importance, that narcissism is so real!

For me how I dealt with it is I removed myself from the situation and that person’s life completely cause that’s what I do when someones toxic, I walk away! I have better things to do, bye bye.” – Nandini

“They are the masters of the blame game!” – Hafiz 

But what if you work with an arrogant person? What can you do then? You cant walk away from your job but don’t fret measures can be taken to dealing with self important behavior.

“If its at work to me its more black and white, if this person is disrupting work flow and efficiency, I would say that go to your boss. I believe in honesty, super transparent communication. It always works. If you are the boss, you need to do the right thing, get this person out of this situation, if they need to be given a warning letter, give them the warning letter. 

Everyone is replaceable, no one is so amazing to the point where you are like woahhh if I fire this person our company is going to fall apart. No it doesn’t work that way. Yo need to think about the well being of say like 20 employees versus one person. No matter ho great that one person may be but it all comes down to someones attitude and personality.” – Nandini 

What if you simply can’t just walk way or complain to higher authority because they are you family member?

” I believe that even with family members I’m a firm believe, hat no relationship is a must You can always take yourself out of situations and stay away. It could be your parents, but you should apply the same thing.” – Nandini 

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How do you deal with someone who thinks they’re always right?🤔 Just walk away or confront them? 👀#FlyAMMayhem

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In Conclusion, if its toxic walk way!



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