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If your folding skills is just like me (*absolutely clueless) then this article is definitely for you! Here’s a compilation of videos that will teach you how to fold like a pro from T-shirt, pants, undergarments and even bed-sheets.

1.How To Fold A T-Shirt

I reckon that most of us actually fold our T-shirt the third way, but it doesn’t exactly come out that way, does it? Teach us that magic trick please!!!


2. How To Fold Jeans/Pants 

Love this! Jeans never looked this neat!


3. How To Fold A Button-Down Shirt

YES! Button-down shirts are the hardest to fold. You can never seem to get the sleeves and the lines right.


4. How To Fold And Organize Your Lingerie

Having troubles on how to fold and organize your lingerie? This one is for you. It looks so neat and easy to do!


5. *BONUS… How To Fold Your Bed-sheets!

This is a tough one but with tons of practice, you don’t have to bug your mama anymore!

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