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“Fly’s AM Mayhem Epic Roadtrip To Create The Ultimate Malaysian Food List”

#FlyAMMayhem is #HungryInYourNegeri! Join them as they explore Malaysia plate by plate next weekend!



For this week, #FlyAmMayhem is back with another food topic. This time they will be embarking on a new adventure. Roadtripping to find the best food in each of your states! The battle has begun!

Hafiz gets homesick, missing his hometown in Muar, Johor. Especially the food. So he asked Malaysians to tag him Johor food to help curb his “rindu“.

RD argued saying that Penang food is the best! He even has backup when Venice Min called in and gave her suggestions on the best Penang food.

Then enters Guibo to the rescue when he said that every state in Malaysia has good food and they shouldn’t fight about which state is the best! Guibo’s choice is, of course, Terengganu, his mom’s hometown.

Lo and behold – Hungry In Your Negeri was born!

Hafiz proposed that AM Mayhem goes on a roadtrip around Malaysia to eat all the dishes in all the states in Peninsular.

Listeners & celebrities have started sending their suggestions, check them down below:

If you have any local dishes in your state that you want #FlyAmMayhem to try, send your suggestions on social media, and don’t forget to tag us!

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