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Ice-Cream Straight to Your Doorstep!

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It’s Ice Cream Month!! Yes, that’s right! All July, you are most definitely allowed to have an ice cream every single day and if anyone says you should stop, just keep eating that cold creamy deliciousness! And JUST FOR TODAY, you can be at your utmost laziness! Why? Because Uber is delivering ice cream ALL DAY! That’s right! The ride-share application will be delivering TWO cups of ice cream to your doorstep if you live in Kuala Lumpur! Isn’t that just the cherry on top your perfect sundae? Mmm.


Courtesy of its partnership with Malaysia’s coolest indie ice cream makers, The Inside Scoop, Uber will be delivering two of it’s exclusive flavours: Onde Onde and Valrhona Chocolate with White Truffle; which will cost RM15! The ice cream will be made available to Uber riders for #UberIceCream in conjunction with National Ice Cream Month!

The #UberIceCream party is not just for Malaysia but it will be shared with four hundred cities around who’ll join in the frozen fun today! How do you join the coolest party around? All you gotta do to enjoy this hassle-free treat is to download the official Uber app, and choose the Ice Cream option which will be available from 11am onwards. That’s right! It’s happening RIGHT NOW! If a vehicle is available, you’ll be eating your way to happiness in minutes!

For more info, visit the #UberIceCream page!

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