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Instagram Live Stories Now in Malaysia!

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Instagram Live has finally made its way to Malaysia!! Holla!

I bet you’ve seen all those live notifications on Insta Stories but haven’t been able to actually start your own. We’ve seen them too, and we’ve stared longingly as we watched their live updates.

Well, its FINALLY here! Yes, us Malaysians are finally able to have our own live videos! AND, it’s not only verified accounts… it’s for EVERYONE!

If you’re a bit confused about the whole “Live” aspect, here’s a simple breakdown. You know how Facebook Live works? It’s kinda the same! The only difference is that Facebook Live will keep the video as a published post, whereas an Instagram Live video will disappear right after you end the feed! So make the most of your live update!

Not sure how to make it work? It’s simple! To start a live broadcast, swipe right from your Instagram feed, and instead of posting a normal story or boomerang, swipe to the “Live” option and tap the Start Live Button!


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3, 2, 1! And your Live update is ready to start! Go ahead and do whatever it is you want! Instagram will notify your followers that you are Live and from then on, you can see how many people are viewing the video and they can leave comments and likes, similarly to Facebook.

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So what are you waiting for?? Go start an Instagram Live video today!


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