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Is Being On A Dating App While In A Relationship Considered Cheating?

Hmmm… Thoughts?



In today’s (29 April) topic, Hafiz, Guibo and RD discuss whether it’s okay to still be swiping left and right while in a relationship

Relating to an article from, there’s now an app called Cheaterbuster that can catch if your partner is on the Tinder app behind your back.

But the question is,  is being on a dating app while in a relationship considered cheating?

“A dating app is meant for singles or open minded individuals who want to go on dates , but if you are in a happy relationship, you don’t need the app!”- Guibo

“I don’t see what the big issue is about having a dating app while you’re in relationship. Because, there are some couples that still have the dating app on because of their friends, sometimes they use that to chat, or to see who’s on tinder, for example”- RD

Here’s what some Fly Rakyat’s have to say

“It all depends if you’re in an open relationship or a closed one”- Calvin

“Definitely cheating. Why are you even on it when you should be focused on your partner. That makes no sense!” -Eunice

Fly’s AM Mayhem’s producer Nicole, also shared that she once caught her ex talking to other girls on the app, while they were still together, but never accused him of cheating!

Have you ever caught your partner on a dating app? Or have you ever been caught by your partner on the dating app? Share your experience!

Listen to the rest of the conversation here!

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