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Is ‘Cancelled’ Culture Same As Bullying?! #TerkiniWithNandini

I’m a subscription is it?!




Have you heard of the term ‘Cancelled’ ? It’s usually used to dismiss or reject someone or an idea. Well many have questions if the ‘cancelled’ culture is border line bullying, because let’s be real some opinions can be harsh and uncalled for.

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss if ‘Cancelled’ culture is the same as bullying?!

“So for the past week or so, Vivy Yusof has been trending, as always, sorry to say Vivy its for the wrong reasons. Of course I have no inside knowledge to whats actuaclly going on, but then the recent issues have been about some copyright stuff, people have accused her plagiarizing. Everyone was like i cant believe she did it again, so annoying, then they used the term ‘cancelled’! End of every tweet they were like cancelled!

So I was thinking about this ‘cancelled’ culture, I think it originated from the west and Malaysians are always catching on, oh yeah we’re here to cancel them and cancel this.  And I know that even Obama has mentioned about the cancelled culture saying that its very toxic! And people should not make such haste decisions to cancel and completely withdraw support and interest from a public figure or whoever.

All of us make mistakes, and people deserve a second chance, it’s really down to owning up to it and what you do after right?!” – Nandini

We’re are only human at the end of the day, and mistakes are bound to happen, but does that mean that they deserved to be unsupported? Does that mane that internet trolls are able to say and influence the people around them before even finding out the full story?

” I don’t like the term Cancelled! It’s another way of saying I don’t like you! I hate you! For example if you said something and I’m gonna say oooo Nandini you’re cancelled! So people who are following me, are like omg Hafiz is cancelling Nandini, why! Then they’ll just jump on the bandwagon and they’ll say yeah we’re cancelling Nandini to! Without even researching!” – Hafiz

“You made it sound like I’m a subscription” – Nandini

“It’s true! when you say you cancel this person or cancel this product, you’re actually asking people to sign up , to your petition and asking them to follow whatever you say. In a sense it’s like cancelling someone you’re almost bullying that person or even that product. It’s toxic” – Guibo

But there are instances that people have come to voice out their opinions with hard facts of course, that are simply speaking about their two sense on the issue at hand. With that being said, bullying is not okay, there is always a more respectable approach to sharing your opinions.

” Fair enough, i believe that it is toxic, if you are not well educated, on what the whole story is about. If you’re jumping on the bandwagon, then yeah its going to be very very toxic! But if you’re very knowledgeable about the situation and you know whats going on then i think it’s right to cancel. Cause there are some people, out there are some people out there, like you said Nandini, Vivy, she knows what shes doing, she knows what shes doing is wrong, but conscientiously she doesn’t care. Then you’re just as bad as the multi-billion dollar companies out there. That do the exact same thing.” – RD

Watch the discussion down below:


In conclusion, just be cautious when speaking about someone, as this could be you one day. Always think before typing or saying anything hurtful. But if you don’t agree with the person or product and find what they’re doing is unethical, one can simply not unsupport them by not purchasing their products. Rather than typing mean comments such as the term ‘cancelled’.



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