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Is It OK To Gift Your Ex’s Belongings To Your Current Partner?

Guibo gets interrogated!




Guibo owns a clothing that belongs to his exes ex boyfriend- and has shamelessly worn it for more than 5 years!

The item that he’s kept all these years?

The exes ex-boyfriends BAJU MELAYU

In his defense, Guibo says

“This is one of the nicest baju raya I’ve ever come across and…it fits me very well”- Guibo

How he ended up with the another mans baju melayu?

“I was at my her house and I was late for a FlyFM shoot… I needed a baju melayu but I didn’t have one on hand because I was at her house. So, then I looked in her bedroom and found this and I asked her can I borrow it? Cause I assumed it was her dads…and then she goes oh you can have it actually, it was my exes…and I was like, OKAY!”


RD asked, if Guibo questioned why his ex kept the item of her ex?

I get a free baju! No questions asked!


Would you gift your ex’s belongings to your current partner?

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