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Is It OK To Not Be Productive During MCO? #TerkiniWithNandini

Stop forcing people!



The Movement Control Order (MCO) is well into it’s third phase and many have been asked if they’ve used this precious time to do many productive activities. Is it OK to not be productive during MCO?

In this episode of #TerkiniwithNandini Fly’s AM Mayhem and Nandini discuss if it’s OK to not be productive during MCO?!

Nandini and Fly’s AM Mayhem agree that no on should be forced to be productive but people should never neglect their jobs especially working from home.

” I think forcing people to be productive and making massive life choices and changes when there is also a pandemic going on and no matter what everyone will have a set of worry with the situation is very unfair! I don’t think you need to be productive, I think its important to not neglect important aspects of your life.

Just because we’re in MCO all of you who are working from home better continue working, better continue performing, cause KPI is there for a reason. You still have to hit your KPI!” – Nandini 

With that being said many have used this time to pick up new skills during MCO such as cooking, cleaning and more cooking!

“I don’t think you necessarily have to be productive in the sense that you have to make like life changing decisions, you don’t have to start like that. But I understand the mental health that’s involved with you having to force yourself to change in your circumstances. Like in MCO, now the once outgoing person has to be stuck inside what do you do? So maybe instead of doing life changing decisions, you should start small, maybe today you clean up the house, that’s something productive.” – RD

This pandemic is without doubt a difficult and testing time for us all, so do not jeoperdize your mental health trying to be extraordinarily productive. Baby steps, try maybe baking some cookies first.

” At the end of the day this is a difficult time for people regardless or not whether you have money or no money, I mean of course it’s different levels of difficulties and worries but we’re humans, there’s something to worry about. So I think the best thing to do right now, it to not let go of yourself completely, still keep your job and do whatever you can to remain intact. So if that means cleaning, then go right head! If that means resting more, that’s good catch up on some sleep and if you don’t want to do anything that’s okay to!” – Nandini 

In conclusion, take it easy on yourself, do whatever it takes to feel better! Don’t worry we will survive this pandemic. Also don’t forget to contribute and ease the burden of the frontliners by #stayathome but if you have funds to spare please don’t forget the less fortunate #kitajagakita.


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