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Is It Okay To Bring Your Phone To The Toilet During A Video Call?

"Is this like a guy thing???" – RD




Fly’s AM Mayhem’s producer, Nicole, has a lot to handle when it comes to Hafiz, Guibo and RD.

One of them being the fact, that the trio likes bringing their phone to the toilet while in the middle of their video call!

Hafiz thinks it’s okay to do your ‘doo-doo’ business while on a call, as long as you mute everything before doing it.

“I say it’s okay, because usually we’ll turn off the video and mute it so you won’t know what’s happening, and we’ll just do the ‘doo’ until we’re done and we rejoin the meeting again”- Hafiz

Here’s a clip of the conversation


Hear the whole conversation here!

Are you the type who prefers to bring your phone to the toilet while on a video call? Or is the toilet a sacred time for you to be alone? Share us your thoughts!

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