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Is Leaving A Whatsapp Group After An Argument Immature?





Hafiz’s sister has left the group!

In todays (18 May) podcast, Hafiz tells Guibo and RD that one of his siblings left a Whatsapp group chat, of three people, after she had an argument with one of her friend.

Fly’s AM Mayhem, discusses if leaving a chat room after an argument is considered immature?

“Yessss I would have to say lah (it’s immature) …”-RD

“It’s that affect, you know? You can always argue with that person especially in a chat room of just 3 people…but leaving the entire group room, that shows that she’s really hurt…She’s distressed!”-Guibo

“To me I think its waste of energy, because once you guys are okay, you will have to INVITE that person backkk into the Whatsapp group! So, I don’t know if this is a girl thing because I’ve never seen that with my bros punya Whatsapp group, because none of us would leave a chat, unless that person has changed their number!”-Hafiz

But Guibo says he also has a guy friend who’s left a group chat before.


“Everyone was ganging up on him… So, I think he just took it as, you know what, I don’t need this…umm, bye!” -Guibo

No bad vibes here!


Fly’s AM Mayhem put out a poll to see if the people agree or disagree with exiting a group chat after an argument

The verdict has spoken and it looks like it’s a 50/50! What would you say?

Tune in to the rest of the convo here!

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