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Japan’s Princess Mako Renouncing Title To Marry A Commoner

People will do anything for love.

I guess this could pass as a modern fairy tale.

Japan’s Princess Mako of Akishino, 25, is planning to get engaged to Kei Komura, a law firm employee.

To be with Komura, she is required to renounce her royal status.

Five years ago, the princess and her non-royal beau had met as students at the International Christian University in Tokyo.

Because Komura is not an actual Prince, Princess Mako is the oldest grandchild of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, must leave the imperial family. Although, women cannot inherit Japan’s Chrysanthemum Throne, they are still required to renounce the title if they aren’t marrying royal blood.

But this doesn’t come as a surprise to the family as it has happened before!

Previously, Princess Mako’s aunt, Sayako Kuroda was required to give up her royal status when she to wed a commoner, Yoshiki Kuroda.

She may be giving up her princess status but really, she has found her real life prince.

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