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Joyous S’pore Steamboat Dinner Turns Into Nightmare When Tempered Glass Table “Explodes”

By Says – Tamara Jayne



Image from Stephanie Chu/FacebookStephanie Chu/Facebook

A Singaporean woman’s recent story of her steamboat session went viral after she shared how it turned into a nightmare

On 19 January, Stephanie Chu shared that she and her friends were 30 minutes into their dinner when her tempered glass dining table shattered to pieces in her house.

This was how her table looked like before the incident:

Image from Stephanie Chu/FacebookStephanie Chu/Facebook

Aside from a ruined dinner and shattered table, Chu said that she and her guests were left injured with gashes and burns from the “explosion”

Image from Stephanie Chu/FacebookStephanie Chu/Facebook

“We immediately called the ambulance and paramedics came down to rescue us. With all my guests injured, some with cuts bigger than the size of an eye. I myself was brought to [Ng Teng Fong General Hospital] for treatment of 2nd degree burns,” she relayed.

Warning: Viewer discretion is adviced for the following images.

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