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Julia Michaels Unveils Vulnerable New ‘Body’ Music Video

She bares it all!



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Julia Michaels bares it all too ever so relatable journey with body insecurities that we all go through. For learning self-love, she released an intimate new video for “Body” on Wednesday, which shows the songstress removing layers of clothing as the clip progresses.

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“In the video for ‘Body,’ I came up with the idea to start in a bunch of layers, and by the end I’m completely stripped,” Michaels wrote in an essay to Teen Vogue. “The second verse of the song is me talking about how I cover up. I wear big, oversized sweatshirts so that I can cover my body. I do all these things to make me feel more comfortable in my own skin, but really it’s making me more uncomfortable when I take it off because I’m constantly masking myself. I wanted to show people how I am versus how I could be.”

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“I just wanna love my body like you love my body/I wanna look in the mirror and tell it that it’s beautiful like you do,” she croons in the vulnerable tune.

“Body” is included on Michaels’ latest EP, Inner Monologue Part 2. Watch the video below:

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