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Justin Bieber ‘Changes’ Album Is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Best Valentines gift ever!




Justin Bieber has finally announced the release date for his upcoming album Changes.

The pop star made the big reveal on Tuesday, 28 Jan., during The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

On the show, Ellen asked Bieber when the album is coming out, and Bieber accidentally blurts out “The album is February 14.”

He later admitted that this was the first time he is publicly announcing the date of his album, saying “So I guess this is the first time I’m saying that, nobody knew that until right now.”

His fifth studio album Changes will drop on Valentine’s Day and will include seventeen tracks.

Following the album release date, the 25 year-old also shared the album cover, of an orange background and a shirtless Bieber, along with the album title.

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