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Justin Bieber Reacts To Shawn Mendes For Stealing His ‘Prince of Pop’ Title

Err, seriously?



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Justin Bieber is really in the mood to be funny and cheeky. Or was it plain envy?

Shawn Mendes was recently bestowed the title of ‘Prince of Pop’ by Observer Magazine. Congratulations to this imaginary boyfriend of us all! But there’s a tiny problem. Justin Bieber is already the reigning ‘Prince of Pop’ as multiple magazines – including Vanity Fair and Billboard – dubbed him previously.

So, Justin Bieber had something to say about it.

Shawn shared his cover of The Observer Magazine on Instagram, which granted the “In My Blood” singer the title of ‘Prince of Pop.’ Justin then slid on over to Shawn’s Instagram to make that all kinds of clear by starting a friendly rivalry.

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Thank you @obsmagazine x

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Well, according to Justin, Shawn has a long way to go and a lot more records to break before he can touch the crown. And then he suggested an interesting proposition for Shawn though, telling him if he wants, they could decide this ‘Prince of Pop’ thing once and for all over a game of hockey. Now that’s a hockey game we’d watch!

Justin Bieber's comment left on Shawn Mendes' Instagram post

Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes are undoubtedly the biggest Canadian stars in the, so when Justin left a comment on Shawn’s Instagram post, it was, of course, a talking point for a LOT of fans. Some fans took his tone to be WAY harsh — but was he kidding? Or making a real challenge to his fellow Canadian??

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Following that, the “Sorry” singer responded to himself and made it clear that it’s a joke, guys, chill. He further clarified that there was no beef between the pop stars and that they were both just artists focused on making music.

Justin Bieber clarifies his comment to Shawn Mendes

Meanwhile, Shawn chimed in super chill and played along – further confirming that it is all just a hilarious conversation between them. So, yes guys, take a chill pill!

Just last month, Shawn liked one of Hailey’s photos on Instagram, causing speculation that the former flames were getting flirty again. But Justin quickly came to the rescue and clarified that they are just friends. Relax, yet again.

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Justin and Shawn’s relationship has never necessarily been a close one however there is no doubt a mutual respect between the two. Shawn did reveal back in July 2018 that he messaged Justin’s wife Hailey “congrats” the day they announced their engagement. Even, Justin has also previously shown his support for Shawn on social media after the singer released his hit single “Stitches” in 2015.

Seems like all is good here, eh?

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