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Justin Bieber’s New Album Only Releasing In A Year Time

today24 April 2019


Sorry Beliebers, but Justin Bieber’s new album isn’t “coming anytime soon”… not even close!

According to TMZ, the Canadian singer may have jumped the gun when he announced his album is on its way during his surprise appearance at Coachella. He joined Ariana Grande on stage to perform “Sorry” for the first time in two years and at the end of the performance, he teased and told the crowd it felt good to be back up there. He also said, “and, by the way… album coming soon” before exiting the stage.

It turns out, JB5 is nowhere close to being done. Yes, Justin does supposedly have a few songs recorded as of now, but he’s still working on his new sound. TMZ reports it’s going to take about another year before the whole album is ready to be released, however, Bieber “feels very centered and he’s excited about getting back in the studio grind.”

The good news is that he is recording and that a new album is coming, but it just might take a little more time than he’s letting on. After his surprise Coachella performance, it’s clear fans want new music, so no matter how long it takes for a new album, they’ll be waiting… right?

Great marketing, for sure, on JB’s part. Of course, the bottom line is he actually recording … and doing so when everything’s coming up Justin.

Remember … Bieber hasn’t released a solo of his own for more than 3 years — his “Purpose” album dropped way back in November 2015. He told the Coachella crowd he hadn’t performed in like 2 years and seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed, his words, getting his groove back.

Written by: Varesha

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