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Kanye West’s Live Stream Performance At Coachella, Makes You Look Through A Peep Hole




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Image Via Variety

Fancy watching Kanye’s service at the Coachella?

Welcome to the peephole.

Kanye West brought his Sunday Service to the Coachella festival stage on Sunday, April 21. Attendees who attended the music festival in Indio, Calif. were able to watch him, his band and gospel choir perform.

But for those tuning in to the live stream, the view from the outside were a little different, Viewers were made to watch the video thru what seems like a peephole or a telescope of the performance.

Contrast to the usual full-frame approach from all the other Coachella live streaming broadcasts, West’s performance gave its viewers a unique screening, smaller lens honed in on individual players and occasionally the rapper himself.

His approach for the live stream caught the Twitter buzz and many shared their reaction.;


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