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Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream Co Star Accuses Her For Sexual Misconduct

today14 August 2019


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Katy Perry’s  “Teenage Dream” co-star has accused her of sexual assault, claiming she exposed his privates at a party. Josh Kloss, the model who played her love interest in the 2010 music video, shared a lengthy Instagram post on Sunday (August 11) detailing the alleged encounter that left him feeling “pathetic and embarrassed.”

He begins his message by noting how “cool and kind” Perry was when they first met, admitting he even developed a crush on her. However, her behavior changed 360 and completely confused him because she was only nice to him when others weren’t around.

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“When other people were around she was cold as ice even called the act of kissing me ‘gross’ to the entire set while filming,” he wrote. “After the first day of shooting, Katy invited me to a strip club in Santa Barbara. I declined and told her ‘I have to go back to [the] hotel and rest because this job is all I have right now.”

Kloss then goes on to say he was only paid $650 for his work and that the only reason he’s speaking out now nearly 10 years after the “Teenage Dream” music was released is because “our culture is set on proving men of power are perverse, but “females with power are just as disgusting.”

“Can you imagine how pathetic and embarrassed I felt?” he added.

Despite the allegations, Kloss did say Perry is an “amazing leader” and her songs serve as “great empowering anthems.” He just can’t support her “bs image another second.”

However, fans do what they do best by sticking up for Katy and might I add so did Instagram!

Written by: Varesha

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