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Khalid 2018 concert experience



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Fresh to scene but familiar to the fans, Khalid has managed to sell out a venue in Malaysia to all his loyal fans. KL Live was flooded with Young, Dumb and Broke fans waiting patiently to watch their idol Khalid in the flesh. With a diverse crowd, the American singer songwriter kept everyone jumping of the ground and singing along to every one if his songs. Khalid sang a mix of slow R&B soulful tunes to the heavy bass EDM songs.

Malaysian singer Alex TBH opened the concert with a few hit songs of his, and got the crowd pumped up for their main act. Launching into the music scene just over three years now, Khalid’s fandom has branched out rapidly and effectively. Fans waited outside the venue for hours hurdling the rain and sun to enter the 2,500 capacity mosh pit that was the entire arena floor.

With the popularity for his debut album, American Teen, it was obvious why his fans gripped onto every lyric and word he said. His bubbly youthful personality was instantly placed onto the stage when the show started off with a bang. Something I wasn’t expecting from the singer. His youthful, almost kidlike behavior made the crowd feel he was relatable and an artist that resonates with you through his songs.

Khalid performed on stage next to his talented dancers who might have just stolen the show. Full of energy and gust to perform made the show worth wile at least for me. Vocally, he had shocking levels from his comfortable range songs. With the capability to hit those high notes, his songs were perfectly worthy at the range they were.

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The unique mixture of soul and pop music gave a retro feel, very much similar to John Mayer music. With the addition of electric guitar his vocal were matchless to any other artist, and at such a young age conquering tours and international venues like Malaysia.  Singing with such a laid back character and vibe almost made it feel like his recognizable voice will allow people to remember him in the future.

Khalid’s fun personality made me fall a little harder for him, especially on the moments where he had constant interactions with the fans from noticing signs, to grabbing gifts, from a girl who literally drew a book of Khalid. That a true fan!

He held a wide smile during his hit song, the song that broke him to stardom; Young, Dumb and Broke as everyone in the arena knew every lyric and song with such energy, jumping of the ground pumping their fist up in the sky. His enthusiasm was poured into the well-rehearsed choreography too. Doing one specific move that drove everyone nuts, a simultaneous kick and arm movement called the “shoot,” inspired from BlocBoy JB dance.

Singing a considerably lengthy set list, he wrapped up the set with “OTW,” which wrapped the show greatly for the crowd. Almost hinting that he would coming again to Malaysian again.

Being one of the more influential growing artists today, Khalid can reassure music lovers that not all pop music sounds the same, in hopes that he continues to grow and expand his art. Khalid was indeed a worthwhile artist to go watch perform live, to band live aspect feel to the laid back fun character that he portrays, turn you to a die hard Khalid fan.

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