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Kid Purposely Locks Mom Out Of The Car So He Could Keep Playing On The Phone

The poor mother!



Imagine having to call the abang bomba, because your child won’t let you in the car so he could play on his phone?

In Kelantan, a woman was locked out of her car by her toddler because he didn’t want to be interrupted by his mother while playing on her phone.

Afraid his mother would take it away, he made the decision it was best his mother stayed outside.

Do not disturb. The kid was having none of the ‘rescue’ that was going on. — Facebook/Kopiah Kau Senget

Via malaymail

After being refused to open the car countless times, the mother was forced to call in the abang bomba to help break in and ‘rescue’ her son.

It was not known how long the rescue went on, but the child is safe. — Facebook/Kopiah Kau Senget

Via malaymail

Even during the break in, the child was completely unphased by what was going on around him and continued playing on the phone. – fuh! We can imagine how ‘panas’ the mother must feel!

Firemen personnel can be seen improvising to unlock the car.

Fortunately, the child was rescued safely. Unfortunately, we’re not sure if his ears are safe from all the nagging he got from his mother after!

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