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Lady Gaga reveals meaning behind award winning song ‘Shallow’

today14 January 2019


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Lady Gaga has finally revealed the real meaning behind her award winning song ‘Shallow’ from the hit, most talked about film of 2018 A Star is Born and her first ever appearance and acting and it is not what you would think it is.

The singer took home an award for “Best Song” category at the 2019 Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday night and spoke about how the lyrics resonated with her. Gaga stood on stage alongside one of the co-writers of the song, Anthony Rossomando and said the accolade “means the world to us.”

The ‘Paparazzi’ artist than explained what it was like to perform ‘Shallow’ with co-star Bradley Cooper “I will never forget singing it for Bradley for the first time and seeing his face light up,” she said. “And then singing it live together, take after take. I was mesmerized. As myself and as my character Ally.” She continued, “I was basking in the brilliant transformation of Bradley into Jackson Maine singing on his stage and overwhelmed by the storytelling and power in his voice.” Might I add she did an exceptional job as her character Ally, being that her first time acting in a movie, she also professed that acting was her dream way before music became her career path. It was great job done and deserved all the praises and tribulations.

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After thanking the many people who poured their time and energy into the track she finally revealed the million dollar question in everyone’s mind, what does ‘Shallow’ mean? “This song is a conversation between men and women,” she shared. “Asking each other questions about life and a desire for more depth of the shallowness of a modern era.” Yes that’s right it is not a love song like many have presumed. It is actually a song about feeling more than what life has become and breaking the surface of a modern era. Gaga said she was “so happy it resonated” with the fans and critics who handed her the award.

But nonetheless, it was a great song, redundancy when it came to love songs was just overplayed, its fresh to see that when it came to a man and woman it could be more than just surfaced love but rather questioning the era that we live in and finding meaning in all the shallow acts that we are all guilty of.

The singer and her co writers also took home the trophy at the 2019 Golden Globes last weekend. She opened up about her career struggles in the acceptance speech and what it was like to be a woman in music. “It is really hard to be taken seriously,” Gaga said.

Congratulations on the award! We can’t wait to hear more songs that tackles the cliche love story.

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Written by: Varesha

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