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Lana Condor And Other Celebrities Who Get Starstruck By Their Idols

Who would you starstruck for?



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Lana Condor is one of many celebrities who, like us, gets starstruck by seeing people they adore and admire.

On Tuesday, Condor came to talk on the A Little Late With Lilly Singh show. During the interview Lilly asked Condor “Who do you fan girl.” And as many fans would know of the actress, The 22-year-old has a major crush on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and has never shied away from speaking about her love for the 47-year-old actor.

And to her surprise, Lilly had a special message from The Rock to his adoring fan.

Watch the clip below.

And like Lana Condor, there are sooo many celebrities who get completely starstruck by the presence of other celebrities! Here’s a few of their reactions we love most.

1. Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber.

Eilish is a major belieber! So much so, the singer almost freaked out when Ellen DeGeneres tried teasing her with a surprise meeting with Justin!

2. Kelly Clarkson and Meryl Streep

Kelly Clarkson nearly tripped seeing her idol in front of her! The “Because Of You” star had just ended her interview with Ryan Seacrest, when she turned around and saw Meryl Streep standing behind her. In complete awe, the singer squealed and tried to run away, but luckily she didn’t! The two finally met and Kelly got to speak to the woman she’s idolized all her life.

3. Chance The Rapper and Beyonce

Chance The Rapper couldn’t control his cool when Beyonce came from behind and gave him a light hug from the back- I mean who can Ignore Queen B’s presence!

4. Sophie Turner and Ryan Gosling

It’s never easy to act natural in front of your crush, especially if they’re a big celebrity! Sansa Stark may be a bad ass on the Game Of Thrones, but she couldn’t help herself from being completely starstruck seeing her fave actor Ryan Gosling- I mean, even I can’t contain myself if the “Notebook” actor were standing next to me!

Sam Smith and Fifth Harmony

He may keep his cool with his sultry voice, but he can’t keep his cool for the love he has for Fifth Harmony! The singer got a surprise from James Corden on the “Late Late show with James Corden’s” “Carpool Karaoke,” and it was easy to tell that  the singer couldn’t contain his excitement for his fave girl group.

Emma Stone and Mel B

One star definitely spiced up Emma Stones life. The singer is a huge fan of the Spice Girl members, and lucky for her, Scary Spice sent her a special message for all the love – almost causing the actress to bawl her eyes out of excitement!

Adele and Jennifer Aniston

For any fans of Friends, meeting any one of the cast would be a BIG DEAL! And you’re bound to stumble and act totally weird around them. Adele had a hilarious encounter with  the shows star Jennifer Aniston, and the singer couldn’t hold herself back from blurting out somethings she may never forget.

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