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Live In A Dusty Room Or A Room That Hasn’t Been Cleaned In Years?

RD and vomit?!




Admit it, we’ve all been in situations where we keep telling ourselves “I’ll clean my room later,” “Maybe after Netflix,” “Maybe after Instagram,” and end up with a pile of one month laundry and a room full of mess!

You’re probably staring at your room right now and saying “aduih…”

But would you live in a dusty room or a room that hasn’t been clean in years?

“I’m allergic to dust, but I can take allergy pills to counter the allergies. So…I would choose the dusty room because the room that’s not been cleaned for years could have mold, it could have bacteria,there could be cockroaches, there could be rats!” -Guibo


“I would rather go with a room that hasn’t been cleaned in years! You just gotta air out the room, get rid of the smell, that’s about it!” -RD

Here’s Fly Rakyats response to the topic

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