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Love Songs You Seriously Need In Your Playlist Right Now-Because MOOD

The Best Love Songs of 2020 (So Far!)



Romantic songs always has a way to our hearts even when we refuse it.

They are the ones that get in to our feels and starts making one feel all mushy and ready for L.O.V.E.(or totally blegh but you still want to feel hopeful)

So here’s the best love songs of this year so far, that we are totally loving and can’t stop repeating.

“Bigger Love,” by John Legend

John Legend and Chrissy’s Teigen’s love makes us believe more and more in love! And this music video is too cute.

“More Than Enough,” by Alina Baraz

The sultry vibes is a whole mood.

“Comeback,” by JoJo feat. Tory Lanez & 30 Roc

Jojo is winning with her new tracks,  and her comeback was long awaited.

“To Die For,” by Sam Smith

It’s Sam  Smith. There really is no need for convincing! This song is just wow.

“Comfortable,” by H.E.R.

The acoustic sounds will immediately get you vibing and wishing your partner (or wish -to -be partner) was right next to you.

“Honeymoon Fades,” by Sabrina Carpenter

Let’s hope the honeymoon never fades for Sabrina Carpenter, so she can continue giving us these sounds all day, every day.

“Stuck With U,” by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber

This song can make the lonely feel even more lonely. But, still have hope for that love to come around! Also, we can’t help but love all the cameos in this MV.

“Love Again,” by Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa will have you thinking of love, again.

“B.S.,” by Jhené Aiko feat. H.E.R.

Jhene Aiko always comes through with all her songs. This is just one we love out of the many!

“What a Man Gotta Do,” by the Jonas Brothers

Ahhh we definitely don’t want to be Jonas Brother’s part-time lover with this awesome song.

“What if I Told You I Love You,” by Ali Gatie

This song will hit the feels, especially if saying the four-letter words seem to be a struggle.

“Rare,” by Selena Gomez

Confident is needed especially when you’re feeling “Rare.”

“No Judgement,” by Niall Horan

The song is as sweet as it is, but the music video will have you going aww a few times.

“Still Learning,” by Halsey

Sometimes the love you need is for yourself, then the people around.

“Yummy,” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber writing this song of his wife, will have every girl a little heart broken. But it’s a song that will have you dancing and feeling the love in the room.

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