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Love You To Death – Tegan And Sara

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It’s a cold hard truth; their success wasn’t an immediate one. Having said that, their latest release Love You To Death happens to be their best one yet and has the potential to propel their recognition to a whole new level. It’s powerful, honest and real; something most music lack these days. The duo remained with their basic music formula with most of the tracks, producing new rock and heartbreak ballads alongside producer, Greg Kurstin best known for his work with Pink, Adele and Kelly Clarkson.  Their sound in this album seems a lot more personal and matured compared to their previous release, Heartthrob in 2013.

As you go further into the tracks, you’ll notice their state of the art production and how both sisters strip it down, so raw and honest with their confessions. Needless to say, their vocals are so beautifully in sync; I mean, what do you expect from a pair of talented twin sisters right? Thematically, Love You To Death is a masterpiece about women as objects of affection especially in this society where women are often struggling in the patriarchal industry. It’s surely something we can relate to.

The mild disco track “Boyfriend” is a fun and playful song about a love triangle. Indeed, the harsh truths in both ‘Boyfriend’ and ‘That Girl’ aren’t your everyday kind of confession but it really does connect with the listeners on a much deeper level. “I swear I tried to leave you, at least a hundred times a day”, the duo sings in the heartbreaking ‘100x’. It’s my personal favorite amongst all the other tracks. It’s a beautifully sung ballad while ‘Dying To Know’ is another enjoyable track about that longing feeling about an ex’s life. Oh, don’t we all know how that feels? Not a good feeling but they made it sound so effortless. The catchy hooks, too add up to the song. The album reaches its peak in the second half with ‘BWU’, short for Be With You and ’U Turn’ where the overall catchiness seems to pick up from hereon.

Although many of whom I’ve personally spoken to still prefers Heartthrob over Love You To Death, I think this release is a rather daring plunge and well written confession. I very much enjoyed myself throughout the album; it was easy to listen, relatable and real no matter what kind of situation you could potentially be in. Their pain, frustrations and the roller coaster of emotions all penned down in 10-track album. If you ask me, credit should be given where it’s due and I’m surely giving mine to Love You To Death.

Rate: 4/5

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