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Mac Miller leaves Multi-Million Dollar Fortune To Friends And Family

Is Ariana Grande one of them?



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According to TMZ, Mac Miller has left his fortune to his closest friends and family.

The rapper, who tragically died from an accidental overdose last September, had a large sum of money that still needed to be divided one year after his death. The outlet reports Miller’s wealth has been appraised for nearly $11.3 million, which includes money that was in his bank account and his private properties.

A number of Miller’s friends will get the majority of his belongings and the rest will go to his mother, father and brother. In legal documents, obtained by TMZ, Miller’s buddy Bryan Johnson will get all his clothes and electronics, while another pal named Q Chandler-Cuff is getting over 20 pieces of jewelry worth thousands of dollars.

His childhood friend Dylan Rectenwald will reportedly get the “Self Care” hitmaker’s musical gear, which includes a $5,000 guitar and finally, a man named Jimmy Murton will get his family furnishings.

Some have questioned if ex girlfriend Ariana Grande who has been friends with rapper before getting together and even post breakup would get a piece of his belonging, as of now, it seems to not be the case.

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