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Macaulay Culkin Just Turned 40 And People Are Freaking Out

Still can’t believe it!



Via Bustle

If you’ve seen the popular holiday film Home Alone, then you’ll easily recognize the name Macaulay Culkin

But welp, he’s no child any more, but a 40 year old man!

Via NY Daily news

If that made you go “what???” – the kid from “Home Alone” is four decades old as of 26 august!

And as a refresher, the first Home Alone film was released in 1990.

Via Evening Standard

The star took to Twitter to remind us all of how old everyone’s aged since the film!

“Hey guys, wanna feel old?” he tweeted on Wednesday. “I’m 40. You’re welcome.”

His little reminder definitely got fans freaking out!

Now that he’s in his 40’s, Culkin says he’s thinking of picking up a new hobby as a midlife crisis

Happy birthday Macaulay Culkin!

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