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Malaysian Actress Shima Anuar Tested Positive For COVID-19

She called on those who had a meeting with her last week to get tested for COVID-19




Malaysian actress Shima Anuar revealed she has tested positive for Covid-19—despite not being a ‘’closed contacts’’. “This really breaks my heart, I’m not a close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19,” she shared in an Instagram post. 

The 29-years-old star recalled her symptoms: “I began experiencing breathing difficulties and had a headache.’’ She continued, ‘’I told my husband that I wanted to go for the swab test as a precaution, seeing that the number of new cases is on the rise of late. I may have come close with an infected person unknowingly.’’ 


And surprisingly, after she took the test on Saturday, she immediately received the bad news the following day. However, her husband was tested negative. Shima, who has starred in romance drama Sha & Shah and horror flick Hospital admitted that the one thing that concerned her the most is her three-years-old daughter’s health condition. ‘’My children have also gone for a similar test and I hope they are fine. Please pray for us.’’ 

She concluded with a message, “I have quarantined myself in a separate room downstairs while waiting for the Ministry of Health to call.” And even urged others who had contact with her to get screened. “I had a meeting last week. Whoever was there, get yourself tested too OK?.’’ Hopefully, she’ll feel better soon! 

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