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Malaysian Band Uses Fried Chicken As Instrument To Make Hari Raya Song

How impressive!



Via Twitter

Art has no limits.

For one Malaysian band that meant experimenting with food as an instrument and turning it into a song.

What kind of food you might ask?

Chicken. Fried chicken and fried chicken nuggets.- Yup!

The video which has since gone viral on twitter, was uploaded by a local musician and vocalist Takahara Suiko from the band The Venopian Solitude, after she shared a behind-the-scenes clip of the band’s new Hari Raya song.

The creative work is apparently a collaboration between the band and a popular fast food restaurant chain, called ‘Raya Selamba‘.

Check out the amazing turn out;

The footage has garnered over 2,195 retweets, as of writing.

According to Takahara, the video was was made before the fasting month and no food was left to waste!

This definitely got us into the raya mood!

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